Les Cooles De Ville is an Amsterdam-based alternative hiphop group, creating soulful hiphop music using elements of jazz, bossa-nova and pop music. Sometimes referred as the Dutch equivalent of the Native Tongues. They deliver a timeless and universal sound reminiscent of  De la Soul, Slum Village,  and inspired by groups like Digable Planets or The Blacked Eyed Peas on their first record. 

Recording and performing with live instrumentation and a mixture of samples and electronics they bring a unique, international vibe to the musical landscape. Quirky, colorful, laid-back and romantic they will be a perfect addition to any playlist or record collection that includes current artists like The Internet, No Name, MNDSGN. FKJ, Tom Misch etc. While affiliated with the Dutch Dox Family, they released a vinyl record on Wicked Wax Records and Paradiso Vinyl Club.

Product of a typical Amsterdam multi-ethnic melting pot, their soulful approach, and clear delivery of songs will appeal to anyone who likes the soulful parts of Kendrick Lamar, the Roots, Leon Bridges or Common. Veterans in the game who performed with people like  Pete Philly, Kyteman, Wouter Hamel, Giovanca, Benny Sings and others it’s clear to hear and see, they know the ropes of the game despite the newness of this project.

Part of a new wave of European hiphop artists like Hawk House, IAMNOBODI, Ivan Ave, Juju Rogers, Jay Prince, Quiet Dawn, they prove that when it comes to the legacy of the native tongues or soulquarians it’s not where you from, but where u at!!