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Brazilian Rhyme - 09051999 (DILLA DAY)

When we heard about the passing of EW&F frontman maurice white just days prior to the dilla tribute weekend we couldn't help pickin up the acoustic, tinkle on the fender rhodes, warm up the moog, and deliver our spontaneous take on the remake Dilla did of one of our favorite EW&F songs . As humble students of their art, we tried to add our own acoustic electronic vibe into the unique sounds of two of the most import musicians in the history of black music, and music in general

She's all that

While Spring slowly returns in the western hemisphere, Amsterdam based hiphop group Les Cooles de Ville takes you to a warmer place, where the sound seems like a combination ofearly Dilla,  westcoast G-Funkand a chorus similar to Sleepy Brown from Outkast. Timeless and soulfull "she's all that" is an ode to the female's physique and tells a subtle story without being too direct or blunt. The first song ever recorded by this collective with a new single droping soon!


Les Cooles de Ville, a wordplay between the classic car Coupe de Ville and the fake French way of saying the coolest of the city. A very appropriate way to describe this Amsterdam based trio with their calm and audacious style and dapper dandy presentation that never seems to be too far away from the cool and jazzy sounds of the Native Tongues, Herbie Hancock,or the Isley Brothers